Workshop 2: Case Studies, A Syllabus

The next Musician & Promoter Workshop is January 25, 2010, 7pm-8:30 at Zambaleta Music School in the mission (19th & Florida). In addition to wifi for all, classrooms & chairs…

Workshop 2: Syllabus

ROOM 1: 45 minutes: Case Studies & Paypal
review 3 case studies where artists/ bands are succesfully reaching potential fans with social networks and social media and take an in depth look at why it is working, and how this can apply to musicians and promoters. The last 15 minutes will cover how to set up PayPal and other “donation” systems on your website, and why this is a good idea.

ROOM 2: 45 minutes: Facebook/ Twitter Questions & Answers
Got questions about Facebook, Twitter,  Tumblr another Social Network or Blog software? Come to this room and ask all your questions without judgement, get real answers. Use wifi for real time adjustments.

Room 3: 45 minutes: WordPress & Tumblr
get wordpress answers from an experienced developer. Learn to use Tumblr to your greatest advantage

Final Group Meeting & Discussion, 45 Minutes, Social Room
Social Media & Social Networks: reaching potential fans, and everything you ever wanted to vent about social networks and social media
we will review the very bottom half of the fan pyramid and talk about how to reach potential fans with a new form of media and connectivity, and the results you can expect.


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