Musicians & Promoters: Happy New Year – Save The Date for Workshop 2!

Start 2010 with an examination of how to reach potential fans, and maximize your discoverability online. Workshop 2 – Reaching Potential Fans focuses on both reaching out and becoming discoverable with social networks & media.

What: Workshop 2: Reaching Potential Fans
When: Monday, January 25, 2010
Where: Zambaleta (Mission Dist. Music & Dance School, 19th & Florida)
Cost: Free/ Pay What You Want
Register: Register today! (Registration Required)

Tips & Tricks: How to set up “pay what you choose” structures on your website or invitations, more facebook & twitter answers to your questions, maximizing google & facebook.

  • learn to define milestones & metadata vital to the discover-ability of your music
  • learn how online social networks & media can increase the discoverability of your art & why it matters
  • Discuss reasons you do or do not enjoy using social media with other artists in a guided session, what is easy, what is not, and any time constraints

Group Discussion:
The Zero Spending Zone: Reaching Potential Fans*
(and how learning to use social networks & media can help you)
*many thanks to Tom Silverman & New Music Seminar for permission to explore The Fan Pyramid in depth. read a littlemore about Tom Silverman and fan relationship managment on the TuneCore blog right here.

Why is this our focus?

The title might sound a little cliche, but after Workshop #1, many attendees took a survey. Based on a generous amount of feedback via email, the survey and in-person conversation, we discovered that you walked away learning more about how to use Twitter / Facebook. At the end of Workshop 1, we finished with a lecture about how to encourage and enable Potential Fans to spend just $2/ year. Silence filled the room when I asked everyone for ways they have convinced a fan to spend just $2. Your feedback reacted to this discussion and you indicated a desire to focus on the potential fans before the passive fans. One attendee wrote:

“how can I cut through the noise to even reach a potential fan before I can ask for two bucks?”

Good question!  You spoke up, we listened. In Workshop 2, we will learn more social network & media tips, but more importantly we will explore how to cut through the noise,  the problems you do or do not encounter along the way (including “I don’t have time”) and  how to optimize your discoverability with methods that integrate online and offline music promotions.

Q: Will there be wifi for everyone?
A: Yes!

NOTE: Workshop 3 is also already in planning phases, and will focus on photographs & video. If you are interested in the photo/ video workshop and already create video content for your band and music, please contact coreydenis+workshop[at]gmail[dot]com to let me know. We’re planning something super!

We are a not-for-profit educational group. Your contributions enable us to keep going. Thank You!


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